Sunday, September 27, 2015

Chloe's First Hike!

As you should all know by now, I love hiking! So, naturally, I'm going to force my new pup to love it as well. Last weekend Cody's parents and younger brother came down for a visit, so we figured what better way to spend a Saturday than to go hiking! Plus, this gave us a chance to take Chloe on her first hiking adventure.

We started her off with a nice simple hike - The Cascades. It's simple, but oh so beautiful at the end! It's about two miles out to the falls and two miles back to the parking lot. This is easily the most popular hiking spot out here, especially in the summer when people come to hike and then swim up at the falls.

She had such a blast. The whole way up her little nose was going a million miles a minute. She got to climb on stuff (which included her first experience with stairs). She met some doggy friends along the way. And when we got to the top she just soaked up all the attention from the strangers enjoying the water. 

After the hike we stopped at this small, local, sandwich shop for lunch. We ate outside so Chloe could sit with us and have her lunch as well. She also got to play around with a couple kids that were there, which she loved.

It was a wonderful day, but I think it's safe to say we pooped her out....she slept the whole ride home.

Looking forward to all of the adventures yet to come with her! She's definitely going to make quite the hiking companion.

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